The chilling ring of swords lights up Rehearsal Room 128. Young men in jeans and girls in hoodies perfectly execute a slow-motion war scene after only one full day of fight choreography. And as we all watch from the side of the room, the jeans and hoodies refuse to matter. It looks unreal. I’m the Assistant Stage Manager for set on Macbeth, so I have the pleasure of watching everything from my table as it unfolds before me. It’s a pretty amazing job. The people I’ve met through UBC Theatre are some of the coolest and most talented people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, and their work on this show is by no means an exception.

The war scene ends, and my imagination is still going wild trying to picture all of this with the lights and costumes and music I know will be introduced in technical rehearsals which come later. I honestly can’t wait. We all chuckle as Patrick stops them at the end of the melee and Alexander Keurvorst, playing Macbeth, holds up the funny/disturbing-looking severed head that we’ve been given until the ‘real’ ones are ready for use from the props depatment. Someone had tied a strip of cloth around its head….it looked like he had a toothache.

Photo by: Kenton Klassen

It’s only been eighteen days since the scripts were cracked for the first read of Macbeth. Eighteen days of full-fledged rehearsals, and I’m still ogling at how far it’s come. The director- Patrick New, the wonderful cast, the design team, the stage management team, and everyone else involved has worked their (ahem) asses off making this something people will talk about. And every day I watch the coolness level just keeps rising.

It’s going to be a hell of a show.

~ A guest blog post from Theatre at UBC student Jayda Novak:

* If you’d like to check out the designer’s work and even more behind the scenes goodness, see the Macbeth show site here: http://www.theatre.ubc.ca/macbeth


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